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Get Fit And Master The Sweet Science Of Boxing In Our Fitness Boxing Classes

Looking for a better way to train? We've got the answer at Keppner Boxing in Athens. Our Fitness Boxing Classes combine elements of high-intensity interval training and non-contact boxing drills to help you burn hundreds and calories and build total-body strength in no time. 

Whether you're an accomplished athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, we've got you covered with classes that are truly high-energy fun.

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Our Fitness Boxing Classes Aren't Just For Incredible Results

With us, you'll learn effective boxing strategies from day one. Our Fitness Boxing Classes rely on techniques like bag work, pad work, shadowboxing, slip rope, calisthenics, plyometrics, sprinting and more to help you understand the sport and build your skills with each and every session. 

At Keppner Boxing, you'll train alongside some of the most accomplished instructors in the area and you'll challenge your body and your mind with incredible workouts that simply can't be beat.

Our Fitness Boxing Classes in Athens can help you learn:

  • Fast, efficient and effective strikes
  • Proper form and strategy 
  • Balance, coordination, and athleticism
  • PLUS, you'll walk away feeling more accomplished than ever before

Oh Yeah, And You'll Take On An Incredible Total Body Workout

We get it. You're here to get fit and we're ready to make it happen.

Our Fitness Boxing classes rely on a system of high-intensity interval training that keeps your body guessing and your muscles moving. No more quick-fix results. No more gimmicks, plateaus, and frustrations.

By relying on bursts of energy in 2-3 minute increments, we are constantly revving your body up and asking for your all before slowing it back down with 30-60 second of rest.

From day one in our Fitness Boxing classes, you'll feel challenged and motivated. But we have something for everyone, so beginners are welcome to jump on board.

We're proud to help men and women across Athens:

  • Take on total-body toning and strength gains
  • Enjoy sustainable fat burn and healthy weight management 
  • Boost your cardiovascular health
  • Build self-confidence in everything you do

Take The First Step Today! Our Fitness Boxing Classes In Athens Have Something For Everyone! 

Don't miss out on everything we have to offer at Keppner Boxing in Athens. We're proud to help men and women across our community get fit and feel great. Join us today for our cutting-edge Fitness Boxing Classes and get more from your workouts every time you train.

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