The Best Boxing Training in Athens, GA!

The Best Boxing Training in Athens, GA!


Coach Keith Keppner | January 2nd, 2019


In this blog post I’m going to give you 3 reasons why Keppner has the best Boxing training in Athens!  Read through and let me know if you agree!



In the 6 years since Keppner Boxing opened their doors they have consistently produced Champions, from their first in 2013 to their last in 2018.  No other facility has had this track record in Athens. The only Golden Glove Champions over the past 6 years have all started at Keppner and became champions with our training system.



Keppner Boxing is on a course of never ending improvement with the quality of our classes and programs.  In every class you receive real Boxing training, from the intensity of the workout, to the authenticity of techniques taught.  We often get people who leave other facilities to train with us simply for this reason.



While we do produce Champions, we do have a main focus of the gym and that is not competitors.  Our main focus is people just like you. In fact, we love beginners and actually prefer them! Whether you want to learn real technique and get in great shape, or want to experience the contact and sport side of Boxing, we are going to be the safest place for you to do that because of the level of Coaching we offer as well as the environment we have grown.  Nothing less than encouragement and compassion is what is expected in classes from our instructors and Coaches, as well as our members and clients. This aspect of our gym culture has been built up so strongly into our foundation that is has become a distinctive part of what we do.

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