Online FitBox Program

Online FitBox Program 🎉🎉

If you love Keppner Boxing workouts and don’t have time to make it the Gym often enough, you live too far away or you have to travel a bunch and you don’t want to miss out on the fun, challenging and effective workouts we have then you gotta get this Online FitBox Program!🎉🎉

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What you get: 
🎉 You’ll get 6 Heavy bag workouts that you have forever, that you can do with a bag, hand weights or just shadowboxing. These workouts use real Boxing techniques, High Energy rounds and a results producing full body workout to get you in amazing condition, tone your entire body and make you feel powerful and unstoppable!

🎉 With this Online FitBox Program you also get 6 Bodyweight workouts you can do by themselves or in between your Boxing workouts to help you maximize your results and stay consistent toward your goals of having a healthy and fit lifestyle!

🎉 If these FitBox workouts sound like something you would benefit from making a part of your routine then click below and start having fun, exciting and effective Boxing specific workouts that you can take anywhere you go! 

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