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  • Unleash Your Potential With Online Boxing

    Throughout history, boxing has been an avenue for young people to build strength, speed and mental fortitude which prepares them for the ring and for life. Too many people squander their time in the gym doing curls and other exercises while never really challenging their bodies to be everything that they could be. Boxing is the best workouts that can help bring your body and fitness to the next level. Read on to learn about how and why it does this... GET RIPPED
    Boxing may be one of the best ways to shed body fat and lean out while preserving lean muscle mass. Research has shown that interval style training like boxing is great for fat loss and for speeding up your metabolism. ....

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  • Boxing Gym Clarke County

    Boxing Gym Clarke County

    In Clarke County we have had a challenge when it comes to boxing gyms. There have been gyms that have come and gone through the years but Keppner Boxing is the only gym that has stayed consistent and is fully committed to helping the people in the Athens-Clarke County community unlock their full potential with boxing. Keppner boxing is conveniently located on the corner of Barnett shoals and Lexington road right in front of the AMC movie theater. We are right down the road from downtown Athens and right down the road from many wonderful East Athens neighborhoods like cedar Creek. One more thing that's great about the location of the the best and closest boxing gym to you is ....

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  • Boxing Near Me Athens GA

    Boxing Near Me Athens GA

    I put a lot of thought into whether or not to write something that would directly mention another business that some may view as a competitor. After thinking it through, I think it’s right for me to just say a few words about something we've been seeing happen for awhile now. 9Round is a great business and they are amazing at getting people to go from zero experience to Boxing training in a very accessible way. The 9round circuits are easy to follow and provide a good workout. You get it in 30 mins and your done. Also, they don’t have classes or scheduled sessions, so you can just come in whenever and start your workout. I am definitely not anti 9Round. I absolutely ....

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  • Athens GA Boxing champions

    Athens GA Boxing champions

    Athens Georgia has had its share of boxing champions throughout the years. As a town it has seen many gyms come and go but one gym has proven the test of time. Ever since keppner Boxing started in 2013 we have produced a Golden glove champion every single year. And what makes us even more noteworthy is the each one of these champions were created from our high-quality programs and we're not people that came to us with prior boxing experience. We truly love beginners at Keppner Boxing. We feel like to become the best boxer you can be whether it's for fitness and personal growth or to compete and become a champion, it's best to start off at the ground level with the right ....

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  • Boxing Near Me

    Boxing Near Me

    Some people feel the need to change things up, challenge their body and gain more confidence. When they get struck with this idea often times they will find many different ways to achieve this. Some will go for CrossFit, some will go for some type of weightlifting session or exercise program. A lot of people will type into the Google search box "boxing near me" and click "search". Boxing is a form of perhaps the oldest sport in the world which is a hand to hand combat. Boxing is actually the first ever recorded professional sport, meaning the first time in history where participants were paid to play or competed for a Payday. After boxing started bringing in million-dollar ....

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  • My Weight loss Journey

    Believe it or not when I stopped Boxing I went from 165 lbs to 220 lbs! Yes, part of it was I wanted to bulk up, but I soon found out that having that much weight is no fun! It was a journey and process to come back down. Even though I intentionally gained weight I still got a first hand experience of all the pitfalls people face with permanent weight loss. I found out that the hardest part wasn’t the exercise, because I already had great Boxing workouts I was doing that were burning literally thousands of calories a day! It was my relationship to food. I didn’t even know what a portion was! I thought that I could out train a bad diet and that just isn't the case. ....

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  • Achieve Weight Loss

    The are so many fitness clubs around these days with Orange Theory, Pilates, Big Box Gyms like Crunch and Athens Fitness, Crossfit Gyms: Crossfit Liberate, Crossfit South, Crossfit Oconee and then there are a good number of Martial Arts Schools: AKF, SBG, X3, ATA, ABB… But the best way to regain your health, get in the best shape of your life and create permanent weight loss is Boxing and we are the best place to do it. Unlike many other types of exercise classes and workout gyms we keep it fresh and you are learning a real skill in a safe and supportive environment where you don’t have to roll on the floor with some sweaty guy or lift hundreds of pounds over your ....

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  • How to Have Better Boxing Technique in The Classic City

    Everyone wants a quick fix and this might be the closest to it when it comes to increasing your Boxing Skill and ability. You can know all the moves, the Correct Boxing Stance (can your coach tell you the 4 key pieces of a good Boxing Stance?), correct footwork, how to throw clean jabs and straights, sharp hooks and how to have razor sharp defense all while getting in the best shape of your life!... But you will be falling short if you don’t know this one thing. It took me years to really learn how to do this, but with the special systems of coaching we provide at Athens’ Best Boxing Gym we help you achieve this in record time. Once I give you the tip, it’s up to you ....

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  • Martial Arts Schools in Athens Part 2

    Glad you could make it back! Now let’s talk about the 3rd and most important factor when deciding the best Martial Arts Schools, MMA Gym or Boxing Gym… Safety We are going to break down safety into two categories, think of it as a jab, cross: Safety of the training and workouts and safety of the Facility. You’ll understand why these are important as you read further! Safety Of Training There is an optimal way to train a Martial Art that is going to limit the amount of injuries that can occur. There is always an inherent danger with anything you do (even sitting or standing up), but there are reasonable level you should accept. The ....

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  • Martial Arts Schools in Athens GA

    Perhaps the best way to stay excited with exercise and maintain an amazing level of fitness is to do some form of Martial Arts training. Of course there are a few things to consider…
    Which style you are interested in
    Which is beginner friendly
    Safety In this post we’re going to address each of these and help you block, slip and weave yourself around less than ideal options and find your best fit! Which Style are you interested in? There are so many styles of martial arts (jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, kickboxing, muay thai, judo, boxing, wrestling) it’s a long list!!!! We recommend that you try out a bunch of them to see what better suits ....

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