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  • 4 Secrets to Success with Fitness, Boxing and Life - Fitness Gym Athens GA

    Here is a list of the four key components for massive success. Out of all the sports out there Boxing is the closest to real life. You don't metaphorically get knocked down or have your back up against the ropes or are backed up into a corner and half to fight your way out. In Boxing that is the actual situation you can find yourself in! Therefore the lessons learned in the squared circle, the lessons I have learned there as well, can be perfectly applied to success at anything in life. I hope this article inspires you to make a change for the better and gives you not only the knowledge, but the drive to do it. Let's become a Champion.

    1. Extreme Preparation
    In order to be a ....

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  • Unleashing Your Potential With a Boxing Gym Near ME!

    Unleashing Your Potential With a Boxing Gym Near ME!

    Unleashing Your Potential With a Boxing Gym Near ME! Epictetus wrote “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid”. We are all concerned with what other people think of us. This can be a good thing, but it can also hold us back. When we start a new workout routine, join a gym or make a life change, others will often make a judgment on us. Most people are great at offering criticism, or wise cracks that aren’t so wise, but lack the presence of mind to be supportive and motivating. What's sad, is that in some Martial arts Facilities, Boxing Gyms and Fitness Facilities they still don’t know how to REALLY treat their clients. ....

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    New Core Box Class!
    Coach Keith Keppner | May 28th, 2019 We are so excited to announce our newest and most exciting class yet… Core Box! It’s 30 minutes of intense Heavy Bag work and Core work. It’s a wonderful and quick way to get in a workout and also makes a great cross training option for runners and cyclists. The main focus of this Boxing Class in Athens is conditioning and toning your upper body muscles like your arms, shoulders, and back and doing the same for your midsection by targeting your abdominal's, transverse abdominal's and obliques. Every Core Box starts off with a warm-up of jump rope or shadow boxing while your Boxing Coach runs ....

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    Coach Keith Keppner | May 6th, 2019 There are a lot of fun and challenging fitness routine, but in our opinion boxing is the king! It is a time tested workout that was the original cross training. If you want to know where people got the idea to hit tires with sledgehammers, jump rope or many other forms of training, boxing is the root of most of them. Unfortunately boxing in the past has a bad wrap of just getting beat on. IT’S NOT! Sure back in the old days it was just dark and dirty gyms that were honestly pretty violent places, but now with gyms like ours it’s way different! There are so many programs where you never even ....

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    Coach Keith Keppner | April 29th, 2019 If you are in this position of wanting and needing to lower your weight then you need to understand just some simple and basic concepts and strategies that I have listed below. Here we go!
    Get general blood work! Just going to fitness and weight loss gurus for answers isn’t always the best place to start. If you have an underlying health condition they won’t be able to help you determine that, and if anything they are incentivised to sell you their fitness program, diet program or some other product. I have experienced this myself and with others that have been trying to change their ....

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  • Gyms in Athens GA

    Coach Keith Keppner | April 12th, 2019 There are so many fitness gyms in Athens that it can be overwhelming! With everything from Bar classes, Crossfit, Personal Training, Zumba, Martial Arts, Orange Theory and Yoga there can be too many choices, and often when we are faced with too many choices we opt for inaction. If you were to go to Google and search: “gyms near me/gym classes/fitness classes” and begin sifting through all the content you probably won’t come out of the end of that search feeling confident what to choose, if anything you’ll feel less certain. You can find article after article saying: “Running ....

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    We are so proud to announce that we have created the 141 pound JO Novice Golden Glove Champion of Georgia for 2019! Logan Hembree is a hard-working and humble 15 year old who goes to Clarke Central High School and just went 2-0 to win the prestigious Georgia Golden Gloves! His first match was against a strong and short opponent that he soundly out-boxed. The second day he fought a kid his same height and had an all out war of attrition. His boxing training paid off in the 3rd round when he gave his opponent a standing 8 count to ensure the win! Both young men Logan boxed were good fighters and great tests ....

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  • Contact Boxing Training in Athens GA and UGA

    Contact Boxing Training in Athens GA and UGA
    Coach Keith Keppner | February 11th, 2019 Do you want to increase your confidence? Improve your conditioning? Challenge yourself while learning a new skill? Boxing training is an age old way for young men and women to become their best selves, to build their character and their grit. Everyone knows about the benefits you get from Boxing training like losing fat, gaining muscle and achieving the best physical fitness of your life, but there is more... If you choose to participate in Contact Classes where you build yourself up in a safe way to do drills and eventually sparring, then you will get to experience a new level in personal ....

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  • Athens’ Boxing Gym and the Real Reason You haven’t Started Yet!

    Athens’ Boxing Gym and the Real Reason You haven’t Started Yet!
    Coach Keith Keppner | February 4th, 2019 You may have had some friends or even family members that train with us and talk about how much they love our training. We are so pumped that the people of Athens awarded us with Best Martial Arts School in Athens even though we are nothing like a traditional Martial Arts School. The question is: what is holding you back from trying a class and if you have tried a class, what is holding you back from joining the gym and making us a part of your healthy lifestyle? Maybe you have a busy schedule, maybe you feel like you need to be in better shape to train with us, ....

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  • Do you do Bootcamps in Athens? Do you want even more benefits?

    Do you do Bootcamps in Athens? Do you want even more benefits?
    Coach Keith Keppner | January 28th, 2019 Bootcamps are a great way to get in shape! There are some really awesome programs and gyms that offer amazing classes that get you in great shape. That style of training is great for long term health and results and that’s why we have Bootcamp classes as a part of our Boxing program. This allows people to get pure strength and conditioning while also stimulating their stimulated with Boxing technique. We believe that Boxing is an integral part of a great fitness routine because, not only do you get the amazing fat loss and toning, but you also build up reflexes, speed, ....

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