Keppner Boxing Reviews

Keppner Boxing Chris Strickland

I've been going to Keppner Boxing for about a year now and honestly its the best boxing gym I've ever been to. The staff are great, always remember your name and push you to succeed. The workouts are always tough but doable and I feel great afterward. I've lost about 30 pounds doing these workouts. Thanks Kep!

Chris Strickland

Keppner Boxing Mariya Nadein

Keith and Lissa are the dedicated owners that kick your butt regardless if you are at your best or worst. This is definitely a family-friendly place. This is the best gym I have been a part of, they hold themselves to the highest standard of customer service and make it their business to make you feel welcome and part of the family all the while not letting you slack off on your work out

Mariya Nadein

Keppner Boxing Mark Martin

I went for a free 1 day trial and it was a very good hard workout. Keith and his staff are great I plan on signing up as a customer very soon.

Mark Martin

Keppner Boxing Deron Erwin

Awesome place with awesome people. Coach Keith is great at motivating, teaching, and helping you to be your best. The people I have met there are encouraging and friendly, and I love the place.

Deron Erwin

Keppner Boxing Erika Rees

I LOVE Keppner Boxing! The workouts are always unique and challenging. The coaches are motivating, super friendly, and very knowledgeable. The other members are really nice and have a wide range of abilities/levels of fitness. The gym is in a great central location and offers really reasonably priced class and open gym packages.

Before starting at Keppner Boxing, I ran maybe 3x per week and lifted weights about 2x per week- and I would definitely say I have gotten MUCH stronger since starting here. I actually started classes with zero boxing experience - which was not at all an intimidation factor here- and now I don't think I could go a week without boxing!

Erika Rees

Keppner Boxing Laura Yvette Eavenson

Joining Keppner has been one of the best decisions I've made. The environment is great, the workouts are fun but killer, and best of all...I ACTUALLY look forward to going. I've tried several other gyms/workouts, and always felt like I had to talk myself into going every time. With Keppner I never feel that way. Plus, after a couple months I'm already seeing improvements, feeling better, and even dropped 10 pounds. The owner and staff are awesome too so If you're looking for a new workout that keeps you motivated, look no further! I can't say enough good things.

Laura Yvette Eavenson

Keppner Boxing Caroline N TrancenBodhi

Who doesn't want to go sweat it out where everyone knows their name? Keppner Boxing has amazing staff who make it a point to know your name and your needs. Individual attention in a fantastically positive group setting where you get more done in an hour than you can even imagine. Keppner Boxing is a professional establishment with standout integrity. Their facilities are notably spotless and their members are friendly as well as genuinely encouraging. Whether you are looking to just get a great workout or test your steel as a potential boxer ... this is the place!

Caroline N TrancenBodhi

Keppner Boxing Susan Costa

Great gym! Good workout! Wonderful Coach! Have been very happy with the program. It is the best work out I get and believe it is really making a difference. I have been going there for 2 years now.

Susan Costa

Keppner Boxing Austin Stovall

A great very knowledgeable place with all levels from beginning to pro fighters. Whether you want to become a decorated fighter or shed some holiday pounds this place has the right equipment and team for you.

Austin Stovall

Keppner Boxing Brittany LeAnne

Great place and environment. Strict but well worth it. Coach is hard but knows exactly what you need to be working on. He doesn't hold back. All in all great place to go to work out.

Brittany LeAnne

Keppner Boxing Tavish P.

I used to go to their old location, Keith is an awesome guy and a fantastic coach, HE WILL PUSH YOU!!! I can very honestly say I never left feeling like I didn't get a great workout and I pushed beyond what I normally could have done on my own, would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn boxing or compete or just get a great workout!

Tavish P.

Keppner Boxing Petrea A.

When I thought of boxing, I was very intimidated. I started the cardio classes and absolutely loved them! Keith and Lissa were great at teaching the skills and helping us keep going throughout those tough workouts. After being out of classes for a while, I can't wait to get to go back! I have never had a better workout!!

Petrea A.

Keppner Boxing Rosie I.

If you want a work out that will knock you out , join Keppner Boxing ! Keith and Lissa are passionate about their skills and will gladely share them ! I am looking forward to my next class ! My thighs and abs are screaming today but its a small price to pay for the shape I will be in a few months from now ! Thanks Keith and Lissa for your motivation !

Rosie I.

Keppner Boxing Serkan Canak

I have been to many gyms before. This is the best place to lose weight for sure. There are many options to visit. All the staff is very helpful and friendly. I have seen many people, including myself, have an extreme body transformation. It's locally owned. There is also a professional boxing side of the gym. That means you can learn boxing. Don't wait to take a free class and see what I am trying to tell you. #bestplace2train4sure

Serkan Canak

Keppner Boxing Charlie Fleming

The reviews speak for itself. This is the premier workout gym in Athens and probably one of the most hidden gems around. I've been going for about a month and it's one of the best (and hardest) work outs i've ever had in my life. Lissa and Keith are the real deal.

Charlie Fleming

Keppner Boxing Camille Fahrnbauer

best work out with even better people πŸ’™ highly recommend!!!

Camille Fahrnbauer

Keppner Boxing Paca Orle

This is the perfect place to work out and have fun at the same time. I just started one month ago and I can already see real improvements in how I feel and in my boxing technique. Everybody is nice and Keith, the trainer, is great.

Paca Orle

Keppner Boxing Darya Asheghali

I am a chemistry PhD student at the University of Georgia and I have been attending Keppner Boxing gym since 2015. The friendly and professional environment of the gym, inspiring and athletic coaches, and sweet people who attend the classes are the main reasons that I'm very committed to Keppner Boxing gym. Keith and Lissa always motivate us and help us "unleash our potential". I learned how to level up my life ever since I joined this gym. I could empower my life physically and mentally. Anyone at any age with any physical strength can come to Keppner Boxing and enjoy a very good and intense workout!

Darya Asheghali

Keppner Boxing Kinni V. Punia

Keppner boxing is the best gym I have ever been a member of! The Keppners are a delight to be around. The workouts are always interesting and intense. Everyone at the gym is welcoming and friendly. The coaches always encourage you to push yourself harder. Most of the classes are between 45-60 mins. Keith/Lissa always offers you alternatives if there is a certain exercise you can't do. Don't mistake this gym for just a place you go to punch bags. All of the workouts vary class to class. Certain classes focus on boxing technique, while others focus on cardio. The gym also has personal training for those interested in competitive boxing. Every class is always a mix of science, know-how and extensive experience. For me Keith and Lissa have grown to be more than coaches, they have been mentors, friends and even therapists in moments of stress.

Kinni V. Punia

Keppner Boxing MaryLynn Segers Phillips

My grandson is 10. He started boxing at Keppner about three weeks ago. Keith is a tough but good coach. He's very fair with all the kids. I like this gym a lot, you can go to all three classes a week (M,W,F) and the price is very reasonable. Everyone is super nice and my grandson hasn't liked anything physical until he started boxing!

MaryLynn Segers Phillips

Keppner Boxing Dee Kane

Keith and his gym are the "real deal." He and his fiance, Lissa, provide professional training and attentive coaching support to everyone who comes into the gym. They creates a welcoming and supportive environment for all the athletes, whether novice or professional. The cardio boxing classes are very challenging, full of variety, and his attention and instruction to boxers in his ring is superior.

Dee Kane

Keppner Boxing Barry Hitchcock

Great new location. Near the University.. Lots of bags, exercise equipment. Keith and Lissa are great. The gym is old school. Nice stuff but this is old school. Hard core. That's the best compliment I can give.

Barry Hitchcock

Keppner Boxing Mark Lassiter

Great place

Mark Lassiter

Keppner Boxing Robert Suter

Great equipment, welcoming staff. This gym is exactly what I wish all gyms could be... I'd like to see them expand into Bjj and Muay Thai classes πŸ˜‰

Robert Suter

Keppner Boxing Ariel Chester

This place is amazing! I love it! The coaches are amazing and well skilled and they keep you wanting more. One class just isn't enough!

Ariel Chester

Keppner Boxing Brigham Mills

Keith is an exceptional coach and gym leader, makes sure everybody has 1 on 1 instruction and makes sure you get a great workout as well. Gives the opportunity to grow as a boxer with sparring and whatever else as well. Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn how to box, or simply for a great workout. 2 thumbs up.

Brigham Mills

Keppner Boxing Jason Perry

I'm 44, and this is the only gym I've ever looked forward to going to, and the only gym I've stuck with for longer than a few months. I'm over a year in and I still love it.

Update: Just turned 45, still "hooked."

Jason Perry

Keppner Boxing Judy K Samples

It is a great place friendly folks. All questions were answered.

Judy K Samples

Keppner Boxing Zachary Dean

I went to Keppner Boxing when they were over on Hwy 441. Immediately felt like family. Keith and Lissa are wonderful people and great coaches! Love seeing their business grow!

Zachary Dean

Keppner Boxing James Gillespie

Keith is a great coach, and Keppner Boxing is the place to go for anyone looking to do anything with boxing, from cardio classes to competition fighting.

James Gillespie

Keppner Boxing Detailer Guys

This where we go and get our work out! Great people to work out with and Keith & his wife are awesome!

Detailer Guys

Keppner Boxing Brittany Smith

If you want to fight he will get you there if you want to get in shape he will get you there he is the best.

Brittany Smith

Keppner Boxing AM EJ

Coach Keith Keppner is one of the best around!


Keppner Boxing Shannon Kirk

Fantastic gym filled with fantastic people!

Shannon Kirk

Keppner Boxing Carolyn Rittweger

Great classes that are extremely challenging for every fitness level. Keith and Lissa are knowledgeable, encouraging and just all around great coaches.

Carolyn Rittweger

Keppner Boxing Mariela Lopez

Insanity has got nothing on this guy!!! Great workout! Can't wait to come back for more!!!

Mariela Lopez

Keppner Boxing Cesar Chavez

Love it and they are very supportive and encouraging! Wish I would have started my freshman year in college!

Cesar Chavez

Keppner Boxing Felicia Barksdale Williams

Love keppner boxing they have done great things for my boys

Felicia Barksdale Williams

Keppner Boxing Shane Annexstad

Next level boxing experience. Keith Keppner is a coaching guru.

Shane Annexstad

Keppner Boxing Antonio Ruiz

Coach K is an amazing coach... He pushes you too the limits to reach your maximum potential!!!

Antonio Ruiz

Keppner Boxing Cory Woodruff

Amazing gym but most of all there is amazing coaching.

Cory Woodruff

Keppner Boxing Chris Jansen

Absolutely the greatest. Couldn't ask for better trainers. Nice people.

Chris Jansen

Keppner Boxing Ashley Little

Very Nice Environment Loved My Experience And Will Be Coimng Back SoonπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š

Ashley Little

Keppner Boxing Vinny Vincent

Great gym!!! Great people!!! Great workouts!!!

Vinny Vincent

Keppner Boxing Tony Gray II

Great People, Great Gym, Great Coaching, Great Boxers

Tony Gray II

Keppner Boxing Ralph Berg

Great Gym, Great Coach!

Ralph Berg

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