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Zack Miller

Coach Zack’s interest in boxing sparked at the age of 16 years old.  He wanted to improve his athletic ability, increase his mental discipline and learn a combat sport.  With these goals of improvement in mind, it was obvious to him that he had to find a boxing gym. He was  recommended Keppner Boxing as a good place to achieve this. Ever since he tried his first session at Keppner Boxing he has become obsessed with skills and art of Boxing.  As his training progressed he soon got the opportunity to do an exhibition fight. It was one of the most thrilling things he had ever done! After a few more exhibitions, he became a USA boxing competitor which allowed him to participate in multiple competitions around Georgia. In less than a year he fought 4 fights before having a back injury. The injury forced him to step down from competing, but it did not stop his involvement in the sport!  He uses his years of experience to coach members in the Contact Program, and is the Head Coach of the Kids Boxing Program. “I strive to help members achieve their goals in the boxing sport, and I am proud to be a part of the Keppner Boxing team”

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