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Chandler Metcalf



Coach Chandler’s interest with group fitness was inspired by a childhood filled with team sports. She realized she succeed best when she was in a supportive yet challenging environment. After a few failed attempts at finding a gym that fit these parameters, Chandler tried her first session at Keppner. She was hooked!  Since then, she’s trained at Keppner continuously, always improving in not only her physical abilities by also learning skills applicable to all areas of life such as patience and perseverance. She had the opportunity to spar with many amateur and Golden Glove boxers and learn from the best! She began Coaching at Keppner Boxing back in early 2018.  Her favorite part of the job is watching a client achieve something they’ve been working towards! Whether it’s a single pull-up or a complicated combination, she finds it so rewarding to help someone reach a goal. When not coaching, she’s studying Biological Science as an undergraduate at UGA. “Keppner boxing has become a huge part of my life since I moved to Athens and I’m honored to be part of the team that makes Keppner what it is today!”





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